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Number as Energy

We return to the important of issue of number representing energy states!

From the psychological perspective the key to such appreciation is the recognition that the actual experience of number entails both a rational (analytic) and intuitive (holistic) component.
Now it should be relatively easy to accept that intuition does indeed represent a psycho spiritual energy state. Therefore, purely intuitive awareness equally represents pure spiritual energy (in this sense).
Put another way pure holistic appreciation corresponds to the appreciation of number as a pure energy state!

Properly understood in dynamic interactive terms, number entails the continual interaction of (rational) form and (intuitive) energy which thereby represents a perpetual transformation in the nature of number.
From this perspective, the conventional mathematical interpretation of numbers as representing abstract unchanging forms (in absolute) terms, greatly misrepresents their true dynamic nature. And once again this conventional appreciation is based on the reduced notion of number as merely quantitative, whereas more correctly, it entails the dynamic interaction of both quantitative (analytic) and qualitative (holistic) aspects.
And as – in dynamic terms – the physical and psychological aspects of reality are complementary, this likewise entails that number equally in holistic terms represents a psycho physical energy state!

Now once more, this exposes the limitations of the conventional scientific viewpoint which attempts to misleadingly abstract physical processes in nature from their complementary psychological aspect.

And when one reflects calmly on the issue, it should be readily apparent that it is impossible as human beings to attain a knowledge of the physical aspect of reality that is not necessarily intertwined with the corresponding psychological mode of  its interpretation.
What is of crucial significance here is that we begin to understand number in a more comprehensive dynamic manner, that it immediately becomes apparent that by its very nature it is inseparable from the notion of energy (in all physical and psychological contexts).

It then becomes perhaps easier to understand that the very source of created evolution (and indeed the ultimate realisation of such evolution) in this more comprehensive sense resides in the very nature of number.
However we know in physical terms that energy (i.e. electromagnetic energy) represents just one of the four recognised forces. This would then lead us on to the view that number equally can be given a coherent holistic meaning in terms of the other physical forces. And in other work – mainly in my Integral Science blogs – I have shown how complementary psycho spiritual equivalents exist for each of the four physical forces.
So this would entail that eventually we will recognise how all physical motion (and corresponding psychological motivation) ultimately have their ultimate source (and goal) in the comprehensive appreciation of number.

However for the moment we will confine ourselves to the holistic aspect of number as representing energy (in both physical and psychological terms).
Now it has been recently recognised that strong connections apparently exist as between the Zeta 1 non-trivial zeros and corresponding physical energy states of a quantum chaotic nature.
However my own appreciation of this energy connection developed over many years through growing appreciation of the nature of the – as yet unrecognised – Zeta 2 zeros.
So ultimately in a more comprehensive appreciation the Riemann Zeta Function will be interpreted in dynamic interactive terms with clear recognition of both its quantitative (analytic) and qualitative (holistic) aspects.

So just as with respect to the complex plane,  “real” and “imaginary” have a recognised conventional mathematical interpretation, equally they also possess – an as yet –  unrecognised interpretation as relating to both quantitative (analytic) and qualitative (holistic) aspects respectively.

So again from this enlarged dynamic perspective, the great limitation of Conventional Mathematics is that it remains confined to merely “real” (i.e. quantitative) interpretation.

The Zeta 2 zeros arise from recognition that a distinctive holistic appreciation relates to the interdependent relationship as between the (individual) ordinal members of any number group (except 1).
So 2 for example has 1st and 2nd members which indirectly can be represented in a quantitative circular manner through the 2 roots of 1 as + 1 and – 1 respectively.
Now the holistic interdependence of these two members is represented through their sum = 0.
This interdependence (here of two complementary poles) represents the holistic appreciation of 2.
And just as the interaction of matter and anti-matter particles leads to a fusion in physical energy, likewise the fusion of + 1 and – 1 leads to a fusion (from both physical and psychological perspectives) in pure energy.  And  this equally applies to all numbers (as dimensions) each of which is associated with a distinctive fusion of energy. 

This new dynamic understanding of number will have dramatic implications for our understanding of the true nature of - what we know as - space and time.

In conventional terms we speak of only 4 dimensions (3 of space and 1 of time). But this understanding is rooted in an adequate - merely quantitative - approach.

In truth space and time represent the dynamic interplay of a potentially unlimited set of possible number dimensions (each representing the distinctive arrangement of its ordinal members). This means in effect that space and time possess both qualitative and quantitative features in the ceaseless interplay of their inherent number configurations.

Indeed this is precisely what enables one to recognise phenomena as possessing both quantitative and qualitative features.

We are able to locate such phenomena in space and time precisely because these underlying dimensions possess the same features in endlessly varying dynamic configurations (representing ultimately the interaction of numbers with respect to both their analytic and holistic attributes).

Now it might initially help to understand the Zeta 2 zeros as relating to the transcendent aspect of number reality.

This pertains to both the quantitative and qualitative features of number, representing mathematical dimensions. which then in turn serve as the true underlying basis for the nature of space and time (in both physical and psychological terms).  

The better known Zeta 1 zeros then in complementary fashion can be identified with the immanent aspect of number reality.

This directly relates to both the quantitative and qualitative features of number (as the ground base) as it were which now serve as the underlying basis directly for both the quantitative and qualitative aspects of all phenomena (located within space and time).

Much is made of the relevance of these zeros to energy states associated with the subatomic structure of various particles.

However it is the constant interaction of such energy with matter as form that literally leads to the continual transformation of phenomena (which at a macro structure results in the inevitable interaction in experience of both quantitative and qualitative characteristics).

If we attempt to look at phenomena from a mere quantitative perspective (as in Conventional Science), this then imposes on them an artificial rigid structure.

However if we view them from a true dynamic interactive perspective (entailing both quantitative and qualitative aspects) all phenomena at a macro level are revealed as in a process of continual transformation consistent with their sub-atomic properties (which in turn is consistent with their original number nature).

To sum up when we look at number in the conventional Type 1 manner, it appears to have a single unambiguous identity (in mere quantitative terms).
So the number 2  for example has just one unambiguous i.e. (Type 1) quantitative identity.
However when we look at number in a more authentic dynamic manner, it now appears as having twin aspects (in both Type 1 and Type 2 terms).
So the number 2 has now a Type 1 cardinal identity as 2^1 (where the focus is on its ground aspect) and a complementary Type 2 ordinal identity as 1^2 (where the focus is on its dimensional aspect).

Now like a left turn on a road, both Type 1 and Type 2 aspects can be given a quantitative interpretation (when viewed in isolation from each other). However when viewed as interdependent they are now quantitative as to qualitative (and qualitative as to quantitative) in relation to each other!
The key significance of the Zeta 1 and Zeta 2 zeros is that they represent the qualitative holistic number equivalent to the analytic interpretation of both Type 1 and Type 2 aspects.

Clearly they cannot be properly appreciated in the absence of a suitable dynamic interactive framework.

Quite simply, in this context, the conventional mathematical approach is no longer fit for purpose.

Therefore, we urgently need to make the most radical move yet in our mathematical history by adopting an inherently dynamic approach to the study of all mathematical relationships! 
Though indirectly these zeros still necessarily possess a quantitative meaning, their direct significance is in the representation of the hidden qualitative (i.e. holistic) significance of number.
And once again there are two complementary aspects involved.

So the Zeta 1 zeros represent the holistic (qualitative) counterpart of the Type 1 aspect of the number system; the Zeta 2 zeros then represent the corresponding holistic (quantitative) counterpart of the Type 2 aspect of the number system.

Once again both of these interpretations are ultimately fully complementary with each other. 

Correctly understood the Zeta 1 zeros are dynamically implied by the corresponding Zeta 2 zeros; equally the Zeta 2 zeros are dynamically implied by the corresponding Zeta 1 zeros.
I will give one interesting indication of this finding in a future blog entry!

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