Friday, February 20, 2015

Number as the Theory of Everything

It should be clear that when both the quantitative and qualitative aspects are equally recognised, number thereby assumes an extraordinarily important role as the dynamic encoding of all created phenomena. So, literally everything, in both physical and psychological terms is ultimately encoded in number! 

Now, as all the great mystical traditions attest, the ultimate nature of reality is ineffable. One could equally say that the ultimate nature of number is ineffable and can only thereby assume a phenomenal identity, when some degree of separation exists as between its opposite polarities.

When attempting to approach this ineffable nature, the holistic meaning of 1 and 0 are often employed, where now both are understood as fully identical with each other.  So the Eastern traditions especially emphasise ultimate reality as a void or nothingness as potential for all form (which entails the holistic notion of 0); by contrast this ultimate reality is more often represented in Western traditions as a union of all form (entailing the holistic notion of 1). 

However in both East and West, the recognition exists (in varying degrees) that the two notions mutually imply each other, so that this reality is truly a plenum-void, where both union and nothingness i.e. as emptiness, are inseparable.

However the full realisation  of such interdependence is truly mysterious. So we can only phenomenally recognise  the holistic notions of 1 and 0, if they are already separated from each other (in some measure).

Thus we must always approach absolute meaning, without ever being capable of fully attaining it, from this phenomenal perspective (however refined in understanding).

However the importance of the mathematical symbols used here, is that they form the most refined bridge possible, as it were, as between phenomenal and ineffable reality.

So in the deepest sense, when appropriately understood, number provides the best interrmediary for scientific understanding of the nature of the wonderful creation, that we so mysteriously inhabit. The intrinsic nature of this reality is thereby encoded in number as its fundamental "genes" (once we learn how to decipher this code).

And as we have seen, the key step here is the recognition of the inherently dynamic nature of number, entailing the interaction of both its quantitative and qualitative aspects. 

So the first notion of number, i.e. with respect to the fundamental binary digits of 1 and 0, provides the most refined phenomenal partition that bridges potential reality (as void) and its corresponding actualisation (as form).

However the next major issue relates to how both the quantitative and qualitative aspects of this reality, can then be coherently distinguished in phenomenal terms, yet remain fully related in a consistent - and ultimately - incomprehensible manner.

So, at a local level, the phenomenal features of reality exhibit a distinct independent identity in both quantitative and qualitative terms; yet at the global level all such features are in truth ultimately interdependent with each other in a truly ineffable fashion.

Now the importance of the relationship between the primes and the natural numbers (and natural numbers and primes) is that remarkably, in a dynamic bi-directional manner, it provides the code, as it were, through which this key problem is universally solved.

And as we have seen, mediating this crucial relationship are two parallel sets of numbers i.e. the Zeta 1 and Zeta 2 zeros, which universally mediate in two-way fashion as between primes and natural numbers (thereby ensuring consistency of both quantitative and qualitative aspects).

Without such dynamic consistency being guaranteed in this manner, meaningful mathematical operations (in cardinal and ordinal terms) would not be possible; even more dramatically, the phenomenal world as we know it, which is dynamically encoded in such number relationships, could not exist.

So if we are to look for a meaningful "Theory of Everything", it is to be found in its purest phenomenal expression, in the relationship between the primes and natural numbers, which mutually entails the two sets of zeros that mediate each other in a fully synchronistic manner. 

Thus this relationship necessarily lies as the embedded code of all subsequent phenomena that are manifest in evolution. In effect this number code dictates how such phenomena can fundamentally relate to each other (in both quantitative and qualitative terms).

So number in this dynamic sense, potentially exists as the root source of all physical phenomena that can subsequently exist. However this meaning is only then actualised through its relationship with manifest phenomena. This then ultimately, through considerable psychological development, can lead to comprehensive appreciation of the code, as forming the final partition to the fulfillment of all evolution (in ineffable union). 

However this is very different from the present quest in physics for a TOE based on the postulated existence of strings.

There are in fact no "building blocks" of reality such as strings, which can be appreciated in mere analytic (quantitative) terms. Rather, phenomenal reality, as we know it, arises from the synchronistic relationship of opposite polarities (such as external /internal, whole/part and form/emptiness) that find their purest expression in the fundamental nature of the number system.

Therefore the much more profound quest of science, which has yet to be properly articulated, is to coherently show how conversion can take place, as it were, from the analytic interpretation of phenomena, where seemingly cause and effect operates in a linear manner (with quantitative and qualitative aspects separate), to the corresponding holistic interpretation, where all relationships are now understand as synchronistically determined (in both quantitative and qualitative terms).

And the mystery that underlies this quest, as we have seen is already implicitly encoded in the very nature of the number system 
From this perspective, the true task of evolution is the dynamic uncovering of this fundamental code that thereby contains the power to lead us eventually to the very gates of eternity! 

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