Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Clarifying Analytic and Holistic Interpretations of "2" (18)

I mentioned yesterday, how the appreciation of the true nature of the non-trivial zeros is directly of a holistic intuitive nature, which appears deeply paradoxical when expressed in the standard analytic rational manner.

So once again in a rational manner, we can identify two distinct reference frames for investigating the relationship of the primes to the natural numbers.

In the first (Type 1) frame we attempt to understand the natural numbers as derived from independent prime "building blocks".

In the second (Type 2) frame, we attempt to understand the natural number factors (within each number) as likewise composed of prime "building blocks".

In the first frame, the numbers in their independent linear state, represent the (base) quantitative aspect; however in the second frame, in their interdependent state as factors, they - relatively - represent the complementary (dimensional) qualitative aspect.

And we also saw yesterday that the Riemann (Zeta 1) zeros entail the simultaneous recognition with respect to both frames.

In a direct sense, this comes from refined holistic mathematical insight (of a pure intuitive nature);
However indirectly this can be then expressed in a circular rational manner, which appears deeply paradoxical from the standard dualistic rational perspective.

So once again, the Riemann zeros represent - on an imaginary scale - the points where the coincidence of both the prime and natural numbers is dynamically obtained in a necessarily approximate relative manner; alternatively we could express this as the two-way coincidence of both the quantitative and qualitative aspects of number. Equally, we could say that zeros represent the points where randomness and order with respect to the number system are fully reconciled or finally, the points where multiplication is identical with addition.

The clear implication of this is that the zeros directly represent psychological energy states, which ultimately approach pure formlessness.

From a complementary perspective, the zeros equally represent physical energy states, which again ultimately approach pure formlessness.

The deeper implication of all this is that number itself can no longer be properly understood in abstraction from phenomena of form (physical and psychological) but must be understood rather as embedded in these forms as their inherent encoded nature.

This would explain for example why the Riemann zeros bear such a close relationship at a quantum level with the physical energy systems of atomic structures!

However what has not at all been stressed, is the complementary fact that the zeros equally relate intimately to psychological energy states (of a highly intuitive spiritual nature).

Some time in the future, it will be clearly realised how the zeros will play a profoundly important role in the consolidated attainment of the most spiritually advanced contemplative states (that can only be dimly realised at the current level of human evolution)!

Once again when appropriately understood in a dynamic interactive manner, the number system operates as between two limiting extremes.

From the standard analytic perspective, number is identified in a somewhat rigid absolute manner with unchanging objects of form.

This is especially the case with respect to the conventional appreciation of the primes that are given a universally fixed identity with respect to mathematical interpretation.

However this properly represents but the (reduced) analytic interpretation of number (where the qualitative aspect of interpretation is inevitably reduced in a quantitative manner).

However number can also be given an equally valid holistic interpretation. So once again whereas the quantitative nature of a number such as "2" can be given an actual finite identity, the corresponding qualitative aspect of "2" (as "twoness") relates properly to a potential infinite identity.

And this latter aspect of number (relating to number interdependence) cannot be grasped directly by (linear) reason but rather by refined mathematical intuition of a holistic kind. However indirectly, it can then be expressed through (circular) reason, where interpretation seems deeply paradoxical (from the conventional analytic perspective).

Now in experiential terms, neither the analytic (quantitative) nor holistic (qualitative) aspects of number interpretation can be viewed in isolation.
Rather both are dynamically related in complementary fashion with each other in a relative (approximate) manner.

This means that - properly understood - both the analytic and holistic aspects of number interpretation necessarily enjoy a  relative - rather than absolute  - validity.

Thus at one extreme, we have the analytic aspect which approaches towards absolute forms.

Now one might seek to maintain that the primes and natural numbers are indeed of an absolute nature!

However, strictly this is not the case. For example, there is an inevitable uncertainty with respect to communication. One, for example might use the number "2". However I would be pretty sure that my interpretation of what the number "2" represents, differs in crucial respects from the conventional viewpoint. Now this this does not mean that successful communication cannot take place within well-defined contexts, but it clearly must always remain of an approximate uncertain nature.

At the other extreme we have the holistic aspect  (of number as representing energy states) which approaches towards pure formlessness.

So - relative to the analytic interpretation of the number system - the holistic appreciation of the zeta zeros (Zeta and Zeta 2) approaches as close as is possible the opposite extreme of the formless identity of number.

Now we still do identify these zeros in terms of form. However properly understood the true appreciation of a Zeta 1 zero for example - a complex number with an imaginary part that is transcendental - requires understanding that is so dynamic and interactive in nature that its identity as a fixed form is so fleeting that it is continually erased from conscious understanding.

In other words the zeta zeros form the final partition - as it were - as between phenomena of form and pure ineffable reality.

The first reality to be encountered with respect to the physical world are the zeta zeros (Zeta 1 and Zeta 2) as the inherent basis of all number notions.

The final reality to be encountered in a fully evolved psychological manner are again the same zeta zeros, now fully unearthed from the unconscious and explicitly understood as the fundamental basis - not only of number but - ultimately of all phenomenal creation!

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