Friday, August 5, 2016

Riemann Hypothesis: New Perspective (10)

For many years, I have been aware of the remarkable similarity - in holistic mathematical terms - as between the notion of prime numbers on the one hand, and primitive instinctive behaviour on the other.

Gradually I have come to realise that they in fact constitute two sides of the same coin, as it were, with respect to their complementary relationship with each other in physical and psychological terms.

Therefore the same dynamic experiential process of coming to understand the true nature of the primes with respect to both their analytic and holistic aspects is the same process as coming to unravel the confused nature of primitive instinctive behaviour in conscious and unconscious fashion.

The very nature of primitive instinctive response is that a direct confusion pertains with respect to the relationship as between the conscious and unconscious aspects of behaviour. Thus the holistic nature of the unconscious in the quest for overall meaning is thereby directly identified with the analytic (localised) nature of conscious phenomena. This then leads to the reduction of holistic meaning (which is ultimately formless in nature) in a merely localised phenomenal manner.

Indeed in earliest infant development when the conscious aspect of personality is still largely merged with the unconscious, primitive instinctive response is so immediate that phenomena of form cannot be properly placed in a holistic dimensional environment of space and time. So these dimensions quickly collapse in infant behaviour with recall of events of the most short-lived nature.

In psychological terms, this parallels the very nature of sub-atomic particles whole existence again is of such a fleeting nature. These particles are so close to the holistic ground of nature, from which they instantaneously emerge that they are yet unable to consolidate a stable phenomenal existence in space and time.

So in the deepest holistic sense the world of sub-atomic particles is characterised by the holistic nature of prime dimensions with respect to space and time. So in a very true sense this behaviour therefore charcterises the primitive (i.e prime) nature of matter.
So when I read some years ago that mathematicians were now discovering that the Riemann zeros (which represent the hidden shadow aspect of the primes) bear an uncanny relationship to energy levels of particles (documented in quantum physics), I for one was not in the least surprised.

Indeed because of the holistic perspective with which I had long looked at these matters I had already suspected that something very similar would in fact be the case!

Now going back to child development, in Western culture, the early stages are given over to the gradual differentiation of the conscious aspect from the unconscious.

Then all going well in teen and adult life, the conscious aspect undergoes increasing rational specialisation.

So from an intellectual perspective, exemplified especially by Conventional Mathematics, understanding is - mistakenly - viewed as standing alone from the unconscious.

Thus the formal interpretation of mathematical relationships is of an absolute static nature that is viewed in a merely rational manner.

Now when once accepts that the true nature of prime numbers entails both conscious and unconscious aspects in a dynamic interactive manner, then the present mathematical approach - despite all its wonderful analytic developments - can be clearly seen as extremely reduced and limited.

So the requirement in terms of full appreciation of the primes - which in a dynamic context is necessarily of a relative approximate nature - is the continuation in later development of corresponding growth with respect to the unconscious aspect leading to the eventual specialisation of holistic intuitive type understanding.

In former times such development was largely associated with the spiritual contemplative traditions, with detailed accounts of the various states that unfold provided.

However what has been greatly overlooked so far in our cultural history is the great relevance that these intuitive states possess for the holistic appreciation of mathematical relationships.

In brief, associated with the accepted analytic (Type 1) interpretation of mathematical symbols in a quantitative manner, is a corresponding - largely unrecognised - holistic (Type 2) interpretation, whereby their corresponding qualitative significance is realised.

For example I made some years ago what I considered at the time the startling discovery that all the stages of psychological (and physical) development were precisely encoded in holistic mathematical manner (based on the qualitative interpretation of the various number types). And just as the analytic interpretation has immense significance for the encoding of information, likewise the holistic interpretation of the same binary digits has immense significance for the potential encoding of all transformation processes!  

Then by far the most comprehensive appreciation of mathematical symbols unfolds when both analytic (rational) and holistic (intuitive) aspects are integrated in a dynamic interactive manner. I frequently refer to this final fullest understanding as radial (Type 3) interpretation.

And the basic contention of these blog entries is that the relationship of the primes to the natural numbers (and natural numbers to the primes) clearly requires radial (Type 3) interpretation for its proper comprehension.

And this physical mathematical quest to understand the relationship of the primes to the natural numbers cannot be divorced from the corresponding psychological quest to finally unravel the unconscious nature of primitive instinctive behaviour so that it can be properly integrated with  rational type understanding.

In other words the two-way relationship of the primes to the natural numbers in a physical mathematical sense, precisely complements in psychological experience the same relationship as between both the conscious and unconscious aspects of personality.

So it is only when both conscious and unconscious are fully integrated in personality that the experiential appreciation of the ultimate synchronous identity of primes and natural numbers (as perfect interacting mirrors of each other) can take place. And this state of union in both physical and psychological terms - which ultimately is ineffable - can only be approximated ever more closely in a dynamic relative manner.

It is now being slowly realised that very intimate connections exist as between the Riemann zeros and atomic energy states in high energy physics.

Some time in the future, it will be equally recognised that the same Riemann zeros bear an intimate connection with the "high energy" states in psychological terms associated with advanced spiritual contemplation.

So from a physical perspective, the Riemann zeros are the numbers - representing energy states - that enable perfect conversion as between the quantitative (Type 1) and qualitative (Type 2) aspects of the number system; equally from a psychological perspective, the Riemann zeros are likewise  those same numbers - now representing (intuitive) energy states - that enable perfect conversion as between both the conscious and unconscious aspects of experience.

And as both physical and psychological aspects are in truth ultimately fully complementary, neither aspect can be properly understood in isolation but rather in intimate relationship with each other.  

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