Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Number Big Bang

Conventional physical accounts of the origin of the universe centre on the Big Bang where in an incredibly short period all the fundamental constituents of matter were formed.

However I have argued that the notion of ultimate particles has no strict meaning (in a manifest form) and that matter particles themselves represent more fundamental number interactions with respect to their quantitative and qualitative aspects.

So ultimately all notions of quantity and quality are of a strict mathematical nature. And it is in the dynamic interaction of these two aspects that physical reality - as we know it - arises.

Thus if the Big Bang is to have any true meaning it most fundamentally relates to the manner in which number - again with respect to its specific (quantitative) and holistic (qualitative) aspects - itself arises.

Now of particular interest here would be the primes (and their dynamic relationship with the natural numbers).

As I have demonstrated the manner to which both unfold corresponds to a dynamic interactive process based on an initial binary logical system.

So one again in this system the linear (1) is based on unambiguous positing (+).
The circular (0) is then based on both positing and negating.

So 1 - 1 = 0 (in this system).

The initial prime number is 2 (which holistically represents duality!).
Subsequent (composite) natural numbers are uniquely determined though multiplication of prexisting primes. Subsequent primes are uniquely determined from already (composite) natural numbers through subtraction of 1.

So rather that statically existing, prime and natural numbers are formed through a dynamic interactive process designed to preserve the unique identity of each prime and also the collective interdependence of all primes (with the natural numbers).

As it is a phenomenal process taking place in space and time the primes can never be fully reconciled with natural numbers in this relative manner. However the approximation to the initial state (where quantitative and qualitative aspects are identical) would occur ever closer to the moment of the Number Bang. Before quantitative or qualitative aspects of creation had yet emerged by definition the perfect reconciliation of the number system existed in an ineffable manner.

From one valid perspective, evolution could be looked on as the attempt to fully "know" the nature of this initial ineffable number state.

But once again such knowledge is ultimately also of an ineffable nature. Thus in pure spiritual union where all physical phenomena have been made transparent, one can approach that state in knowledge of the true nature of the primes.

For such knowledge of the mystery inherent in the primes is inseparable from the true nature of existence!

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