Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Vibrating Primes

The primes seemingly give rise to a dynamic vibrating system that is of a physical nature.

Once again there are quantitative (actual) and qualitative (holistic) aspects to the primes, which ultimately are identical in an ineffable formless state (that precedes physical existence).

However as soon as the aspects separate the primes take on a physical existence and become manifest in phenomena with both quantitative and qualitative aspects (that are to a degree separated in space and time).

Physicists now speak of strings as being the ultimate particles. So in this worldview the strings vibrate giving rise to the physical particles of nature.
Now the weakness of this view is that strings are given a merely actual existence. This leads to the mistaken - and highly reductionist - view that the fundamental constituents of matter i.e. strings) are of a uniform nature devoid of any distinctive qualitative features!

Some time ago I had already formed the view that strings must equally possess unique holistic dimensional properties (conforming to a distinctive circular logical system) and that through the interaction of both actual and holistic aspects that physical nature as we know it arises.

However I have now come to realise that ultimately what are termed "strings" relate directly to the prime numbers (with respect to both their quantitative and qualitative characteristics).

Thus what we call physical nature arises directly from the dynamic interaction of the actual and holistic nature of prime numbers (that are utterly unique yet collectively interdependent with each other).

Strictly this vibration of prime numbers is already inherent in fundamental natural particles. In one way this vibration can be seen as an attempt to get back to that ineffable state (where form does not yet exist). From an equally valid perspective it can be seen as the attempt to set the evolution of nature in process where the true understanding of its underlying prime nature can be ultimately attained once again in an ineffable formless manner.

So as we come ever closer to the original state of matter, we equally come ever closer to approaching the secret code contained in the prime numbers which determines the whole subsequent course of evolution.

There are of course no ultimate particles in nature (that are detectable). Rather beyond what is detectable are extremely dynamic physical interactions of an increasingly transient and elusive nature. And these interactions approximate ever more closely to the number code (that perfectly reconciles quantitative and qualitative aspects of the primes) which ultimately is of an ineffable nature.

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