Saturday, October 26, 2013

Where Science and Art Coincide (13)

To put it simply in psychological terms, rational (conscious) understanding of an analytic nature is properly geared to the differentiation of phenomena; however intuitive (unconscious) understanding of a holistic nature is properly geared to the corresponding integration of such phenomena.

Now both of these aspects (conscious and unconscious) are combined with each other in a dynamic interactive manner, enabling both (analytic) differentiation and (holistic) integration with respect  to all experience.

However once again the key problem with respect to conventional mathematical interpretation is that it attempts to understand mathematical phenomena solely with respect to the differentiated aspect i.e. formally in a rational analytic manner.

This of course is fundamentally true with respect to conventional treatment of the number system.

For several millennia now, we have attempted to interpret number solely from a rational analytic perspective.

However our actual experience of number is properly of a dynamic interactive nature, entailing both rational (analytic) and intuitive (holistic) aspects.

Put another way conventional interpretation of number is solely geared to treatment of its (independent) differentiated aspect; in other words such interpretation is totally lacking in appreciation of its equally important (interdependent) integral aspect.

And as ultimately the differentiated has no coherence in the absence of its integral aspect, this represents by far the most important issue in Mathematics that is yet to be addressed.

So to put it bluntly, Conventional Mathematics is ultimately completely lacking a coherent framework of interpretation.

And once again, quite simply, the zeta zeros (Zeta and Zeta 2 ) directly represent this vitally important integral aspect of our  number system.

Furthermore the dynamic process of both differentiation and integration typifies all natural phenomena (e.g. at physical, biological, animal and human levels).

Thus the zeta zeros represent the fundamental basis of integration with respect to all phenomena in nature.

The great German mathematician, Hilbert had a strong sense of the ultimate importance of the zeta zeros (not just for Mathematics, but in fact for everything). However surely he would have been surprised to understand their supreme significance as the direct basis for the interdependence of all phenomena.

Indeed when we interactively combine both its (quantitative) analytic and (qualitative) holistic aspects, it is but a short step to the realisation that all phenomena in experience represent the manifest existence of dynamic number interactions (with respect to both their quantitative and qualitative aspects).

So put another way, number represents the essential bridge or intermediary as it were as between the manifest phenomenal and ineffable spiritual realms.

We are just about to properly realise in our evolution therefore that number - when appropriately understood in a dynamic interactive manner - embodies both the material and the spiritual. So with respect to the material aspect, from the psychological perspective, we are accustomed to look on number as representing (unchanging) forms.

However from the spiritual aspect, number ultimately is seen as representing pure energy states. And of course, because psychological and physical aspects are dynamically complementary, number from one extreme can likewise be seen as representing (abstract) objects; then from the other extreme, it can be seen as representing pure physical energy states!

Thus in dynamic interactive terms, number embodies both form and energy (in physical and psychological terms).

So at the analytic level, the number system is fundamentally related to the interaction of primes and natural numbers, which represents its differentiated quantitative aspect.

Then at the holistic level of the number system is fundamentally related to the interaction of Zeta a and Zeta 2 zeros, which represents its integral qualitative aspect.

Ultimately both the analytic and holistic aspects are themselves fully interdependent, with differentiation having no strict meaning in the absence of integration (and likewise integration having no strict meaning in the absence of differentiation).

However from a relatively independent perspective, we can indeed probe more deeply into the precise significance for integration of both the Zeta 1 and Zeta 2 zeros (which we will outline in the next blog entry).  

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