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Where Science and Art Coincide (14)

As we have seen the number system - when properly understood in a dynamic interactive manner - comprises both differentiated (analytic) and integral (holistic) aspects in relative terms. Whereas the cardinal and  ordinal numbers represent the former, the zeta non-trivial zeros (Zeta 1 and Zeta 2) represent the latter aspect respectively.

And as we have seen, initially when considered in a relatively independent manner, the Zeta 1 zeros can be seen as representing the integral (holistic) aspect of the cardinal aspect, and the Zeta 2 the corresponding integral aspect of the ordinal aspect of the number system respectively.

Ultimately however both the differentiated and integral aspects of the number system are simultaneously determined in an ineffable manner.

Then in phenomenal terms, which assumes a dynamic framework in space and time, these aspects diverge to an extent with both analytic and holistic aspects assuming a certain relative independence from each other.

However when we appreciate number in an appropriate dynamic manner, then the very nature of the system becomes inseparable from the nature of development itself (in physical and psychological terms) .

This overall development therefore provides the necessary perspective to appreciate our current limited appreciation of the number system i.e. in a merely differentiated manner.

As we have seen, conventional mathematical interpretation - on which our understanding of the number system is based - relates directly to the 2nd band of the Spectrum and represents the specialisation of linear (1-dimensional) reason of a differentiated kind.

In Conventional Mathematics this 2nd band of understanding is then imposed on all other bands leading therefore to a greatly reduced nature of interpretation in a merely quantitative manner.

So really the very first insight which mathematicians need to take on board is that there exist many further bands of understanding on the overall Spectrum, which lead to a uniquely distinctive  interpretation of the nature of mathematical relationships.

However it is the 3rd and 4th Bands on the Spectrum that are properly geared to true understanding of the qualitative nature of the zeta zeros.

In my companion  blog "Spectrum of Development" I am currently outlining the levels  and stages associated with the various Bands.

Now stated in general terms, the first two Bands are geared to the differentiation of conscious experience.
Once again the our conventional interpretation of the number system is based on the specialised nature of such understanding (associated with Band 2).

However the next two Bands are geared to the integration with respect to holistic unconscious awareness.

This understanding begins to unfold in an explicit manner at Band 3 with specialised understanding of its nature associated with Band 4.

Thus understanding of the true qualitative nature of the zeta zeros (Zeta 1 and Zeta 2) is related to these two Bands.

The last three Bands (Bands 5, 6 and 7) are then devoted to the dynamic interplay of both conscious (differentiated) and unconscious (integral) awareness.

Comprehensive understanding of the number system - which entails such a dynamic interaction with respect to both its quantitative and qualitative aspects -  is thereby associated with these Bands.

In particular, as the Riemann Zeta Function (and its associated Riemann Hypothesis) - when appropriately understood - relate directly to the fundamental relationship as between the quantitative and qualitative aspects of the number system, it thereby requires interpretation that corresponds to the understanding of these final Bands. In fact Band 5 is sufficient to provide the crucial insight into the true significance of the Riemann Hypothesis.

Now we are still a very long way in  our evolution from appropriate understanding of the higher Bands (i.e. beyond the 2nd). Indeed in terms of the current mathematical and scientific paradigms their relevance is completely ignored (which indicates how enormously reduced therefore is the nature of our current understanding).

However even now some access - for those willing to see - is indeed available with respect to the higher Bands, which has the power to totally revolutionise our appreciation of the true nature of Mathematics.

The starting basis for true holistic appreciation of the Zeta 2 zeros in fact commences with Level 1 (Band 3).

As I have outline in my "Spectrum of Development" blog this is heavily associated with the transcendent type approach to integration.

In my own case I became aware very early on that such development related in a holistic mathematical fashion to the "higher" dimensions.

In other words Conventional Mathematics is 1-dimensional in nature which simply implies that in terms of the fundamental polarities interpretation is absolute (non-interactive) defined in terms of just one pole. So rather that considering mathematical symbols as the interaction of external (objective) and internal (subjective) aspects, they are considered in a merely (absolute) objective manner.

Likewise rather than considering mathematical symbols as the interaction of both quantitative and qualitative aspects, again they are considered in a merely (absolute) quantitative manner!

However the limits of such dualistic understanding are exposed at Level 1 (Band 3) with the horizontal polarities especially of external and internal increasingly interacting in experience.

So in holistic mathematical terms, which itself reflects the new mathematical understanding now unfolding with this Band, I could see that this interaction of these poles related to 2-dimensional understanding.

Furthermore I was able to see that the increasingly refined interaction of poles (horizontal and vertical) would be described holistically in terms of 3, 4, 5....n dimensions.

All of this forms the direct basis of the holistic qualitative appreciation of the Zeta 2 zeros.

However gradually I began to experience the limits of this transcendent direction of spiritual development.

What it entails in effect is a top-down model of integration. Implicit in its nature is the belief that "higher" is better. therefore the attempt is made during such development to continually integrate lower levels from the perspective of the highest yet attained.

Indirectly this can then lead to a considerable degree of accumulated repression with respect to "lower" level primitive (i.e. unconscious) instincts.

So gradually the shift takes place to the recognition of a corresponding immanent direction of spiritual development that offers a complementary bottom-up approach to integration.

And remarkably it is to the understanding associated with this bottom-up approach to integration in development that the (recognised) Zeta 1 zeros properly relate.

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